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Orritor Primary School, Cookstown

Update 6 Jan 2021

6th Jan 2021

Update 6th January 2021

Please note; Nursery parents will be advised separately by Miss Thompson via SeeSaw.

Where do I start!

Firstly, can I say that the entire staff in the school are devastated that we are to move to Remote / Blended Learning for the next few weeks. We were looking forward to hearing all the Christmas news and getting back into the ‘bubble’ routine again. Nothing can replace face-to-face learning and the interaction between a class and the teacher. But… we are where we are and we must plan to make the best of it.

This time we aim to provide a ‘blended learning’ approach – which is a mixture of online or remote learning, and hard copy booklets. P1-3 pupils will work through the SeeSawApp mainly, with P4-7 classes using the Home Learning Hub on the school website.

The password for the Home Learning page– orritor20 –will give access to each class’s work.

We understand the restrictions parents may be working under in regard to the availability of devices and internet connection at home. We tested these before Christmas by setting homeworks through the system and they worked for almost all children – however if there is an issue please let us know through the class teacher’s email.


Both these online systems will be supplemented, where necessary, by printed booklets which will need to be collected and returned to school for marking at a certain time spot each week - see below. Teachers will tell you, via the online system, if there is work to be collected and the return date.

Friday (starting this Friday 8th January)  8.30am – 8.50am   P4 and P7

Monday (from 11th Jan)  8.30am – 8.50am   P1, P5 and P6

    ​​​1pm – 1.20pm        P2 and P3



Collecting / returning material from school - protocols

Parents should wear a mask, respect social distancing and enter through the door their children enter class – iethe external door nearest their classroom. Please note P2 materials to be collected from the P1 room. As soon as you have collected or left off materials, please exit the school immediately – do not loiter as we want to avoid any unnecessary mixing / crowding

It is important that the work provided is completed at home in a timely and regular fashion. Teachers have been instructed to follow up, by phone, any pupil who is regularly not completing their work to ascertain the reason why. Feedback will be given on the work provided – it is important that work is submitted on time, for this to happen. Overly late work may not be marked.


School is not closing…we are merely shifting our work places from the classroom to the kitchens and bedrooms etcof people’s homes. We are, of course, open for the children of Key Workers and Vulnerable children (see DENI website for current definitions). Please note that if only one parent is a key worker and the other is not working or available to keep the children or other childcare can be arranged, then the children should remain at home unless in the Vulnerable category. School is the last resort!!

Most of those children who meet the criteria will begin supervised learning on Monday 11th January and the school will be open from 9am -1.25pm – with an extension to 2.25pm for any pupils in P4-7 who can’t be lifted at 1.25pm (a small number, who are already notified, will attend for restricted hours tomorrow and Friday 9-1pm).

Children attending this Supervised Learning’ should bring their school bag and materials each day. They will be supervised whilst they complete that day’s set work. They should also bring with them a snack, a packed lunch and a coat. They may also bring a game or small toy with them to play with after completing their work. They do not need to wear school uniform – they could be doing Joe Wicks workout after their work is done!


Password resets

Password resets may be required for P4-7 pupils. The procedure is explained in a document placed on the website news section today. Any issues should be reported to the class teacher vis their email, which is available on the Home Learning page for the class.


This whole process, once again, has been chaotic but we hope this keeps you abreast of the developments but if you have any queries please contact the school via email