Access Keys:

Orritor Primary School, Cookstown

Friday Update

8th Jan 2021

Just a few things

If Key Worker or Vulnerable children need to use school transport I have been informed that you need to apply for it. I assume that is online to EA as I’ve not been told how or when. 

DENI have advised parents and schools that children who do not engage with the remote learning will receive an absent mark. 

We have greatly increased numbers of key worker children expected in school next week, so please ensure that parents wear masks and maintain social distancing when dropping off and collecting children, or if you are collecting work folders and help reduce the risk of spreading the virus to other families or staff. 
Please keep closely to the times set out- 8.30 - 8.50 for collecting work (P1,5 and 6) and 9 am start for children coming in to school in the morning; and 1pm for collecting work (P2/3) and 1.25 for children going home (P1-3 and older siblings) and 2.25pm for others. 

Mid Ulster was named tonight on the National news as being one of the highest regions of infection in the UK- please please Stay Home. Work from home if at all possible. Do not mix with others. Stay Safe and help keep everyone else safe also. 

Have a good weekend