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Orritor Primary School, Cookstown
School finishes at 1.25pm on Tuesday 22nd of June and closes for summer at 10.45 on 23rd June.
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We have walked 50 miles!

1st Dec 2020

Since September P6 have been walking one mile every day by doing 9 laps of the school.

The Daily Mile helps to improve the children's fitness and energy levels, it improves their focus and concentration in class, builds their self esteem and confidence and reduces their stress and anxiety. 

We have recorded our mile each day using a tally chart and we looked at a map of Northern Ireland to see how far we have walked and where we could have walked to.  Our target is to walk 100 miles before the end of our P6 year - we are well on target!

Luke says "I like going outside to do exercise."

Hollie says "I like it because it gives me some time away from schoolwork!"

Emily says "I like it because we get to talk to our friends and we can challenge ourselves to see how long it takes us."

Eva says "I like to get outside in the fresh air"

Rachel says "We used to get an extra 5 minutes for healthy break but we can't do this anymore so getting out for the daily mile makes up for this"

Dylan says "It helps me to relax"

Riley says "I like it as it helps me to think."

Jonathan says "I like the daily mile as it is quiet and peaceful"

Farrah says "I like it because it gives us more time to talk to our friends before going back into class"

Rebecca says "It helps me as it relieves stress and anxiety"

Daniel says "I like it as I like running around and talking to my friends"

Emily says "I like it because it's like an extra 15 minutes breaktime"

Sophie says "I like it because it is healthy and good for our bodies"

Sophie says "I like it because we are not cooped up in the classroom!"

Ava says "I like it because when we come back in we concentrate on our work better"